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On my computer clock it is 11:11. Some will immediately understand the signifigance of that, while other may pooh-pooh the whole thing as spiritual or new age mumbo jumbo. It’s just a matter of time, a precept of man. I, on the other hand, am WOman, who has not worn a watch in a number of years and with good reason. God has a different timing than the rest of us, and I have a tendency to do things in “God-time”, whatever that is. I have been on another planet, more or less, for the past year/14 months…no phone, no computer, so like why bother now?
Sci-Fi channel is on and I hear one of the characters say (about 11:15) “…now is not the time”. So realistically, no, now is NOT the time. I am tired, it WAS my birthday, but the weblog clock is already telling me it is tomorrow, so I guess my birthday is over. 
I did get a special FedEx delivery today…my gift. Harold and the Purple Crayon, something else that came into the world in 1955, other than me, that is. This copy is not lovingly marked with a real purple crayon, as is the book my children read innumerable times during storytime. One of my daughters thought I should have an unmarked book for some reason. She spent 75 cents on it at a book sale, and $16.25 to send it. God love her. Happy Birthday to Me. I have had enough interruptions today.
So why did I start another blog? Oh yeah, because every day I try to anagram, and every day, well…you’ll see.
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