Clearly blue water

Today was another one of those A.D.D. days where I had so many interruptions I couldn’t concentrate on much of anything. At some point this afternoon I decided, once the beau was off the computer, to do an entry in my offline journal, and maybe do an anagram. Though I picked something from today’s paper I decided to go with a comic that caught my eye when I was online yesterday. Having chosen Agnes for the anagram yesterday (it is in the previous entry), I also copied down a comics strip I had not looked at in over a year, Clear Blue Water. Water is something of an attraction for me, so I use the text:

Ahem…photosynthesis is the process by which plants make food from CO2 and water using sunlight captured by the plants chlorophyll as energy; oxygen is a by product.”

I did one anagram, and decided to let it be for now: “Synchronicity helps Paperbubbles access right texts—happy comics astound…they’ll want to play; H2OGenius hears God from on high…past holy wonder, found master key.” Do your own search.

I may pop back on with another one soon.

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