Navigator to Pilot

 Synchronicity is the word today. A little magic match-up. No anagrams yet today, but maybe later…  

Gray, wet, some flurries, cold…but I got out of the house a while anyway this morning…a ride in the back seat of a car. Went to Indy to see the Orthopedic surgeon with the beau today. They decided on putting in a big screw, plate and wires to hold things together; (finally after two months!) the surgery could be in a week or so. Long drive there and back for him with a broken hip. I busied myself with eye exercises and some chit chat with friend Rich, who drove us.

On the way to Indy, I got a few “signs” along the way, and will share a few. I told Rich about receiving the New Testament via mail from a well-wisher for the beau. We passed an Omega truck on the side of the road. I discussed the margin notes and told him about the Acts 10:1-2 reading, finding the word Italian, and then we passed a church along the highway named the Church of Acts. I pointed that out and we continued the conversation.

He then told me that his wife had one of the same New Testament books, obviously these were passed out during the war, and the one she has belonged to her father, who was in Italy during the war (as a navigator). Rich said his wife got an email and a photo in the past week from her stepbrother who had a photo of her father and stepfather in the same photo, taken in Italy during the war. One was a pilot, the other a navigator, though not on the same plane. Apparently he found the photo and some letters or notes in August but just got around to telling her this past week. Interesting timing, I thought.

He said the stepfather was considering writing or had just written about being a pilot and he had some notes about it. We passed a Pilot gas station. I pointed that out. He said her stepfather’s name was Russell, and a moment later we merged onto a different highway, behind a Russell truck. That’s how things go. Thoughts, words, and action, something you can see…or at least the evidence of an unseen.

I notice the synchronistic embellishments in my life as I converse or think. It makes life much more fun. I point out the Pilot and Omega sign as part of the conversation which makes one think. My said something to the effect that one has to have their eyes open to see that many things. I told him I actually see much more than I let on. I hope others do too, sooner or later.

I like the follow-up toon at Spot the Frog today

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