Something’s fishy…

Friday, January 01/18/08

Flurries are light this morning, no accumulation is expected on the ground. It’s cold in the house but I was not ready to venture outside to the basement to light the wood stove until about 10 o’clock. The dog roamed the neighborhood for about a half hour or so this morning, probably delighting in the neighbor’s empty cat food cans. I think the dog has an identity problem. I know he is fed well and really does not need to raid trashcans, but some dogs just do. While I lit the stove the living room filled with smoke. Sometimes that happens as I try to load more wood in. Oh, to have modern convenience of a gas furnace.

I figured I should give at least one explanation here. Dorcas, for those without a dictionary or bible in front of them, was a Christian woman at Joppa who made clothing for the poor. Acts 9:36-41 explains the connection. I call this writing a nexus, because one thing leads to another. She was also known as Tabitha, which connects me via a great grandmother’s name. She lived in a log house without modern conveniences too, so I guess I shouldn’t complain, though she could at least put wood inside the house by the fireplace. Ahhh, the sun came out to let me know He is still there.

The “divine entity’s utility…”Makes you think, or at least it makes ME think, about what the Divine has in store for us.

A little brighter still, burns the sun outside my window.

Utility in a number of senses, I suppose, as we need the light and heat of the sun, but we also need the light of the son, which really defines the word, utility, “well-being or happiness that is conducive to the happiness and well-being of the greatest number.”

Yeah, I’ll second that. Jesus, son of God, is the Ultimate Utility Man. Peter did his fair share too, in raising people up, at least the Tabitha in Acts.

The sun has entirely broken through the clouds at this point.

And a little child shall lead them.” That comes from Isaiah 11:6, where the entire verse reads, “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, The leopard shall lie down with the young goat, The calf and the young lion and the fatling together; And a little child shall lead them.” I have an unusual hobby in where I cut words from the newspapers or magazines and put them into sentences sometimes, like a letter to someone, or a lengthy message, and other times I make forms and cover them with the words. Realizing a picture is worth a thousand words…fishbones.jpg This is the first form I did, a fish, showing here the right side only.sacredheartfish.jpgThe “fish” was done sometime in 2001 or 2002, I think. My most recent forms are a lion and a lamb, which were done before a movie about lions and lambs came out this past year. Those two are not related, but my lion, lamb and the verse, “…and a little child shall lead them” are. I did take photos of them but they are not available at the moment. Since I started with the fish, figured I would share part of that for now. Part of today’s Agnes was used for my anagram today:

“We start by removing anything with no cheesnicity.”

my anagram: “We begin to answer the mighty synchronicity in a tv.”

 A lot of the synchronicity occurs when I type a journal and the TV is on, often using the same words at the same time.

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