monday montage…this is a nexus


Monday, January 21st

On the 19th I said I was working on a nexus. I had the text of “Simple explanation really, I talked to him and found out he’s just nuts,” from the Strange Brew cartoon, and had seen Simple Simon in the text, but chose not to use it at the time. “You found Simple Simon in the nexus, a real jolt, kid puts all that at the end” was just another anagram, and I already had three. Like I said, I was working on a nexus.

Today I show the text because another comic strip used a Simple Simon reference:


The Buckets strip of 1-20-08 includes the children’s game, Simple Simon. Another connection here is that there is a revival at the church starting this Friday, led by Mark Cravens. The Buckets comic strip is done by Greg Cravens, no relation that I know of. And if you look at today’s Buckets comic strip, there is a frame which has one word in it, “GLANCE” which I used in a previous anagram when I mentioned that it looked like Spot the Frog was in a hoola hoop. So, today I am using a montage…Tell me if you make the connection.

NUTS…the kid is good at this game (Bucket text)

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