a positive step

circus-elephant.jpgThe circus is about to begin….well, sometimes it seems like it, but in about a month things will feel like it around here, with a flurry of activity. A little background is in order.

Sometime in the past 8 months, the Beau, as I call him, fractured a femur, but he didn’t know it until he fell to the ground in November, when it completely broke. Ouch! He thought he has just pulled a groin muscle or something until that point. He is  (or I should say was) muscular so that probably had something to do with the fracture holding together that long. For the past two months he has visited doctors, and finally has one now willing to do the surgery to pull things back together…a good 25 degrees anyway. Everyone swears they saw Mr. Bill in the MRIs. Maybe I can get a photo sometime in the future. The doc said it would be a challenge but he can do it.

After two months, it is about time. The hospital called today about scheduling, so we have a tenative date. The Beau has been able to do little more than lie in bed and sit in a chair a few hours a day. Though a tinner by trade, to put bread on the table he does roofing, and as you can imagine, that has not happened in a while. He’ll be on crutches a good six weeks after surgery, and then re-hab, and still, not likely to do anything new, but maybe get the roofing jobs done that he started last summer. The people are willing to wait as long as it takes for him to complete the job.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…paying for an operation without insurance is an interesting business, so there are well-wishers putting together a benefit auction/sale/something so the bills can get paid, roof over the head, food, etc., and the first planning meeting was last night. God love ’em, they certainly have heart. The whole thing sounded a bit big to me, but they assure me it will be handled well, and I shouldn’t worry my pretty little head about volunteers, logistics, etc. Well, I did ask for help. I expect a certain amount of assistance to happen, because the Big Guy and I talk all the time, and I have been shown not to worry. I have faith that keeps me sane, calm, and assured.

Thanks Big Guy

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