“Danger Will Robinson!” the computer in the Ziggy cartoon says today.  The parrot on his shoulder asks how old the computer is, because the Lost in Space robot is definitely dating it. I couldn’t help but notice the cartoon today because the other day I tried to upload the pictures  comparisons.jpg, but didn’t yet realize I couldn’t upload bitmaps. I now have it in jpeg form. In the picture I have, the robot is in front of a particular space photo background. I think I got the robot photo from an ad header.

I can never just leave things …I usually see something else. I remember what I did when I saw the ad header photo. I put text between two pictures of the robot, so I’d know when it was made (the time of this article on in my file) . I copied the photo, flipped the copy and placed the copy and original side by side, then connected them. I have done that before with other random photos.

In the newly formed picture I saw the DaVinci guy everyone is familiar with, and da Vinci being the reason I did that copy and flip move.  A little freaky, but hey, I find strange things in strange places. Actually, I easily find such things right in front of me, all the time. Other people may not see the same things I do, like the God eye photo I put on earlier. I suppose it depends on your perspectve.

Any hoots, I just thought it was a fun coincidence that Ziggy mentioned it today. I guess it’s all in the timing. Don’t worry, we’re safe, the destruction mentioned in that headline is millions of miles from here. Besides, the man I see between the two robots is no ordinary man.

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