the search for cosmic bubbles

Since the cosmos is an interest, sharing a few cool links is always nice, one being my recent search. And now that I have a computer running again, I can go back to sites I have not seen in a couple of years. In addition to daily comics, I also like daily space shots, which can be found at:

Since I was in the space neighborhood, having found the two links I wanted, Igasdisk_bubble_oct17_2.jpg thought I would do a search on cosmic bubbles…real cosmic bubbles, not just the anagrammed comics bubbles. I don’t think I have ever done a “cosmic bubble” search before, so I really didn’t know there was a difference between regular and super cosmic bubbles, or blobs for that matter. It’s nice to learn something new every day. In my cosmic bubble search I even came across a puzzle, imagine that (wink, wink). The best thing I came across though looked like a cosmic eye in the sky, though it wasn’t mentioned in the text. I saw the matter in the photo as an eye, immediately, but I am trained to see that way.

Actually there is a small section of text on that page that says, “you couldn’t see it any other way”…so no, I guess I couldn’t.  It’s like part of the thought or conversation, isn’t it? Coincidence? Of course, I had to throw in a link to livescience for their odd bubbles video, which could in turn, take one into the field of orbs, and crop circles and whatever else comes up in a cosmic bubble search.

The reason for all this (as if I need a reason for my madness) was that the word entanglement (not the “confusion” kind) showed up in an anagram I was working on last night, and I meant to look that up but, as usual, I got sidetracked. Or maybe not…maybe I was supposed to find one thing before the other, since Chaos is so well scripted, it needed a certain order. I am used to that…a certain stream of consciousness that tells me what to do when.

So, today I will allow the “stream” to continue. The anagram, which came from a frame in Cow & Boy, which I included in the collage I did, had text that said, “I don’t want to invest my time and energy in people only to be forgotten when something better comes along”. The anagram reads, “People to try the synonym, I wrote of  bible ghost coming down, and gave mention to entanglement interest.” Huh, what is that in the middle, bible ghost coming down? It is what it is. The synonym most certainly refers to the synonym I highlighted from dictionary text,  <a serious play leavened with comic moments>.

It is what it is for now.

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