Conversing with God



Do you ever have God BLIPPS? That’s what I call them…little connections to let me know He”s there. Some unusual word or phrase or object is used to make me sit up and take notice, or just smile. In this case entangled. In a good way. Last night there was a youth revival and lock in, the former officiated by a visiting minister, whom I mentioned on the 21st when I made a mini-connection, or BLIPP “:there is a revival at the church starting this Friday, led by Mark Cravens. The Buckets comic strip is done by Greg Cravens” having made a name connection.

Except for the fact that I expected something to connect the revival to my journal, there may have been no connection in the minds of others, but I wrote entanglement the other day, because it showed up in my anagram.. So when the minister used the word “entangled” in such a way that I could not help but notice…I just smiled. He preached from Hebrews 11 (into 12). Hebrews 11:1 is one of my favorites (but he didn’t talk about that). He is here for three nights this youth revival weekend. His main message to the youth in church was, not to quit, to keep running the race, that they will win a winnable race.

When I got home from church last night the papers had come (via a friend) and I noticed an article in the sports section about Ron Hunter (IUPUI basketball coach) who coached a game on Thursday night, sans shoes, to draw attention to Samaritan”s Feet, a non-profit trying to shoe the world. Apparently he appeared on ESPN’s morning show and by the time I read the article, had appeared as ABC’s person of the week. What a wonderful worthwhile charity he has drawn attention to by his selfless act.

On Wednesday, the 23rd, I wrote, “People take for granted that other people have shoes..” They do indeed, Buying a pair of shoes may seem like a small thing, but when someone needs shoes, and they have none, it really is a big thing. I am glad to have seen the story of how people work together for the welfare of others. The TV is on (9:51 AM HGTV) ”Like a pair of shoes!” I hear on HGTV as I pasted the photo for the shoes I bought..

Time for on-line comics and more HGTV.

Today’s horoscope seems to fit: Capricorn

You’re in touch with the right people and should get a few more pieces of information today. Whether or not they add up to an answer is hard to say, but your reasoning abilities are strong.

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