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A gap-filling kinda’ day… 

Capricorn Horoscope for Today: “If anyone needs objective advice today, you’re the right person to give it up. You can see everything that people are missing and fill in any gaps in their understanding — though they may not want to hear it! “

Some days I see better than others. But today a gap was filled in a little in the form of temporary food stamps and one-time heat assistance. Don’t say you’ll never until you are  in that place. Sometime circumstances put you there, no matter what you have done to put other measures in place. I never thought I’d be on the other side of that desk, but…it is an interesting place to be, and I am grateful for a helping hand. The beau turned the tube on and fell asleep, leaving a show on about a UFO case in Illinois in January 2000. There was enough information from qualified witnesses that it made for a decent report, a most reliable report, as it were. The witnesses, mostly police officers who were interviewed, were credible witnesses, so something was observed. I doubt most people would lie about seeing something like that. The people involved said it was like revisiting the night again when they saw what their descriptions looked like when put to film by a professional animator. When I heard them say that I said, I know that feeling. Sometimes it’s a little deja vu, sometimes a full body memory.

 This morning I had re-hab, and thinking I was doing sooooooooo much better, I started my session feeling confident. A few minutes later, I was reduced to tears, having just tried a new machine for vestibular problems. It was like standing on a doctor’s office scale with handles, and the scale plate then becomes a mini earthquake zone. In just a few seconds I wanted to get off the machine, but stuck it out a full minute. It was only on low, but it was as though the severe dizziness that took me down in a vortex-like whirl last November was happening again.

For a few seconds I couldn’t even speak, it was like I was in seizure, and felt as though I would faint. Obviously, it affected me in such a way that closely emulates the most severe problem I have with my non-named disability, which is aggravated by the smallest tipping motion of the head to either side. It is a combination of things, but when something challenges me, it means it is something that needs to be worked on, so obviously I need to use that machine more often to work through that motion and re-train the brain. My poor brain has been through a lot of re-training recently. 

The only “diagnosis” I have received since last November was possible vertigo/dizziness/giddiness, which means whirling rapidly, it’s like having a big drunk on, but without drinking or any sense of fun about it. I have come to tell folks I am just God-possessed, via the more archaic definition found in my dictionary at home, because if I don’t have a sense of humor about it I would definitely be depressed by it for this amount of time. It  fills in the gaps and explains a lot of things in my case. I am not now, nor have I ever been possessed by a god, as in an evil spirit, nor do I believe that or say that. It’s not in the Bible either: 

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Blue Letter Bible. “Dictionary and Word Search for ‘giddiness’ in the KJV”. Blue Letter Bible. 1996-2008. 29 Jan 2008. < http:// cf.blb.org/search/translationResults.cfm?
Criteria=giddiness&Version=KJV >

The day I saw the diagnosis written was just one of those days that it hit me just right, and  I figured with my sense of humor, it was best explained that if THE One and Only Almighty God wants to possess me, fine…I may have something worth sharing.

Today’s anagram had to happen…

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