the point of this…

red-rover.jpg“Listen to this, in ancient Egypt dogs may have been considered to be messengers of the gods.” Ya think? I don’t know, it seems cartoonist could be. Today’s comic text bubble comes from Red and Rover. The anagrams seem to go together somehow.

1.) “The point of this…I’m connected to God, have read signs by messenger angels…see destiny.”

2.) “Omniscient God does bring help, the stigma gets confined, eyes sensed heaven at story.”

3. “It bodes of the energy, depends on chaste living system…this congregation made sense.”

My neighbor puts the letters on the church announcements sign. She was just finishing when she saw me on the way home from the hospital on Monday. She called me later to ask how things went and to tell me what the pastor had her put on the sign:

“Our church is like fudge,  sweet with a few nuts.” I must be in the right congregation after all.  Sometimes I think I should be going to a different church, where my hair and dress or jewelry or lifestyle is not such an issue, since it is such a big deal to those who are members of this particular denomination. But at this point, maybe I won’t worry about it…I’ll just be one of the nuts, and keep going.

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