After spending half the day cleaning up the plaster and glass in the living room, the plaster being from a ceiling cave-in (from lots of rain) and the glass what was hit on the way down, I had a nice roast for dinner. The beau didn’t want to eat much; he is doing more sleeping than anything after the hip operation.  So while things cool down a little before putting the leftovers in the fridge I decided to (“you could have leftovers again”, I hear on the Applebee’s commercial as I am typing 6:07 PM USA) do another anagram.

I used text from the cartoon comic strip Stone Soup today, the text being, “Geography is a very dynamic field! Who can keep track of borders and capitals what with all the wars and such?” The two anagrams are:

1.) Angels kept track afar as Christ came through in a physical body.Faith can pave way, worldwide wonders held.”

2.) What a dynamo, back on track, vicisiconography’s why we patched up different ideas…all shall gather rewards.”

Vicisiconography is not a real word, at least I could not find it anyplace until I used it a few years ago. I use that term as the language in which I see.

I hear the song,”I’m  too sexy for my shirt” on as I am pasting the link to a page which is vicisiconography, has mention of a shirt and applebees…just a coincidence ;).


Page update**The vicisiconography page link no longer is valid due to the closure of Hometown. The link refers to a day at the cemetery whenerin I was wearing an Applebee’s shirt, came across a piece of plastic fruit (an apple) and took a photo of it and then my shirt. The other coincidence of the day was that one of the comics for the day was about a bee. I have salvaged photos from the page but not the story that went with it.

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