who’d fudge on phenomena?


Fudge?  Yesterday I wrote that the pastor put this on the sign, “Our church is like fudge, a little sweet with a few nuts,” so it figures there would be fudge in the cosmic bubble world of comics. So I did a little collage, and used the Doodles elephant text (How many words can you make from the letters in toothpaste?) for today’s anagram. I only did one, something about phenomena being singular…the anagram is. “You wrote my code, almost start risk of phenomena…then what?” Hmmm, what would happen if I wrote the code; which code do you think is possible here. I call it the Jesus or God code, but considering there is a Bible Code, a da Vinci code, and a few other codes,maybe this should be the comics code or cosmic code. Could there be a risk involved in randomly selecting the bubbled text in comics, and having it relate to one’s life? If allowing for negativity, quite possibly…but ever since Glinda and Dorothy, I think positive thoughts.

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