What WOOD you think?

otr2-9-08.jpgToday’s anagram came right out of the collage I did earlier today (see previous post collage)…and life is imitating art today. I used the text from one frame of today’s Over the Hedge, the text, “OOO, I like the whole retro look, and the classic ride, they’re obviously well off.” (and) “we’re gonna eat like kings.”  I will preface this by saying, a little before 6 PM a friend came by with a truckload of wood, hickory and osage orange. I was just about out of real wood (trees versus scrap signage) so it arrived just in time for the change of weather coming in tonight. It was about 50 today, and will be in the 20’s tomorrow.

 The anagrams are similar, I did three:

1.) “I really like the wood we got, osage, hickory, look! I know it’s hard to believe…roll once, seen earth life’s fun.” A little Einsteinian, I thought.

2.) “Looks like real choice delivery! All knew I rely on wood for heat…I age OK, though soon witness better life.”

3.) “Looks like real choice delivery…all knew I rely on wood for heating, see the rule book, go to witness faith.”

A little Beverly Hillbillies, eh? See two entries before this one. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!

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