i think…


My  pockets are always empty…just like Sluggo, and it feels good…

When I wrote the poem “a pocketful of change” a few years ago, it was not about having money in them. It was about change, about listening to others, helping out, always finding something more to do for others. So when I put that on the blog (in January) I was thinking about when I wrote it. My mom was dying in the hospital at the time, so that was maybe three days before she died. Even in my sorrow at the time, I was still able to be aware of the needs of others, and did what I could to brighten someone else’s day. That’s how my mom did things. That’s part of what it was about.

So I looked at the poem again yesterday, thought about it some, and then saw Nancy’s Sluggo today I said, hmmm, does that look familiar or what? And with all the thinking going on, it just continued the “what wood you think” thoughts that I had. Things show up, they always do, and I find them because I expect to find something. Most would not know what to think about what I write or collage, but it is an interest to challenge myself to look beyond the obvious, even though sometimes the obvious is just that. Something that really isn’t a coincidence, but we call it that. A divine synchronicity, a blessing, a cosmic connection…something else that you may put stats to..how random is it? It IS about finding that pot of gold, but I define it differently. Here’s that full comic strip, Mutt & Jeff classics.

Anagrams later…remember, you always have to go back a little in this blog to catch the connections.

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