sunday business

Church this morning included a sermon on Hebrews 3:7-19…our pastor concentrating mostly on the Holy Ghost speaking, that being a serious business, and he focused on the word Today. There is a similar Commentary at the Blue letter bible. Every time the pastor (at the church I attend) said the word “today” I thought, today is a gift, that is2-10collage.jpg why it’s called the present. Everyday should count, and every day is a gift, and every day could be one’s last, so you need to be right with God, and everyone else. The pastor was really pretty serious minded this morning.

He asked if anyone ever felt the Holy Ghost tapping on their shoulder or heard Him tell them something. Well, yeah, but not the way he described. I don’t get yelled at by the Holy Spirit. It’s more like we are friends. I remember years ago people used to say they could see the Holy Spirit in me, meaning it must’ve been something in the way I talked that let others feel that. I didn’t really think much about it. But it was never a feeling that I was in trouble, or anything negative. I just feel loved. I feel guided. Part of the reason I anagram or put together the collages is that the spirit moves me to do so, because there is always a message in it, always a reflection of my life. I always feel grounded.  

The pastor asked if anyone knew what TIME meant, and continued about the sermon, asking if people knew what certain other words meant. I always think of time as an increment of measurement that only man uses. Our power goes off alot here, so keeping time is not important unless we have an appointment. I don’t wear a watch, but I have a sense of time. Animals don’t use time, and I doubt anyone else in the universe is so enamored by it, so dependent upon it. Maybe because we are so aware of it, and how little of it we have in this world. But it isn’t all about this world, is it? He also mentioned that the Holy Spirit was warning us (in the verses he read) this morning. I picked up on that in some of my anagrams recently, too, but everyone has their own perspective.

I have still not done an anagram today, and may not, who knows. The second session of church is at 6 PM; no sermon, we have a guest speaker who will tell us about missions. I doubt most people in this church could afford to go on a mission, and most are older than me. But, ya never know, it may inspire someone to go at some point.

P.S. “Giddy” is an interesting term, it can be used as a medical term to describe a whirling dizziness, like vertigo (giddiness). I have that. It also means…

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