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Tell me there is someone with the same sense of humor I have…I just picked up a new ice bag Saturday and one of today’s cartoons has an ice bag on the computer…

Last night, at church, we had a visiting pastor tell about Pilgrim Missions in Santa Domingo. He was there telling us about some of the needs, in particular they need a new tent to worship in. Part of his discussion had to do with a little history, and he said that years ago the islanders were cannibals (when Christopher Columbus landed there and a long time thereafter) and that it took a while for people to make inroads with their spiritual missions.

Today’s Rubes comic strip has cannibals in it.

Yesterday I wrote that I was using the strange brew cartoon wherein the anthropomorphic dog told they didn’t know what to do with the clock (thus it was only a conversation piece). I also wrote about the pastor talking about I laughed when I saw today’s Strange Brew cartoon (see in post philosophy lurks where?) uses the word anthropomorphic in the text, coincidentally.

Since the pastor was talking about the Caribe Indians being cannibals years ago, I found a link that says that there were cannibals there.

and a book that mentions Santa Domingo and the possibility of cannibals (,M1) I have no definitive opinion on that, but just make the connection today because I heard that last night, and there is a comic strip with cannibals in it today.

No anagrams yet…but I’ll be back.




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