philosophy lurks where?

2-11journal-collage.jpgI said I’d be back…I decided not to look for anything else to anagram, since I already had used this comic in the collage, I went for the anagram I saw in it.

The text, “And when we return, we’ll find out exactly who our anthropomorphic sun-mascot thingy thinks he’s winking at” translated one time to reveal, “WWW heard philosophy can lurk in comic text…we thank holy mountain water, it’s strengthening us…we found horn.”

Oh, I know I wrote something controversial, but it has meaning to me…maybe to someone else out there. Have you ever heard to beware “philosophy”. I just report what I see, and sometimes change it.

The white death cleared the grocery store shelves today downtown. My friend Darlene was kind enough to drive me on some errands today, and Walmart was on the list for her, so I asked if she minded taking me to pick up some things. I cleared a few leftovers out of the fridge and realized I was out of most things, so why not do the weekly shopping. I didn’t realize the white death thing applied here, so that everyone and their grandmother would be out clearing the shelves. Not a problem really, but interesting.

I also discovered that Walmart’s lighting system gives me a migraine aura. My dentist’s office is the only other place I have that problem. I guess there is something in the bulb makeup that sets me off. I have the problem every time I go there. I know I am senstive to some things but …hmmm, I think I saw that in a cartoon someplace today…

Also while in Walmart, my friend (Darlene) and I happened to find a lane with no wait, go figure, and so we merrily went about our way; I asked her to go before me, then I put my things up on the conveyor. The woman behind me did not use the plastic bar between our orders so a few items went through before I noticed and then I told the cashier my order stopped at the milk. No problem, she just started taking the other items back off, maybe two things, no big deal, and we thought nothing of it. No one said anything nasty until the woman behind us started saying well, if there was a problem she could just go someplace else, and I guess she must’ve had her undies in a bunch. I almost said, gee why don’t you? Her attitude was totally uncalled for. No one DID anything to her.

I turned to her and said, none of US was having a problem with it, and then I loudly thanked the cashier for catching that and taking care of it for me. They have enough going on without rude shoppers attacking them. It was one of those things where you just want to wring the person’s neck for being such an idiot. She was lucky she didn’t have to wait in one of the lines with fifteen people in front of her. It’s no wonder I don’t like shopping there very often. But of course, if I notice the lights bother me…hmmm, I wonder if they make other people nasty? That would explain a lot of shoppers I have seen there.

So, with our errands completed we came back and I made a nice dinner for the beau and loaded up the woodstove. Darlene’s husband came over move some of the new wood under the porch to the basement for me. Going under the porch is difficult with my vestibular problem, so this is quite helpful to me.  As soon as he was done it began to snow. It’s beautiful outside now! Who needs philosophy when winter delivers millions of individual snowflakes!

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