just what is it…


I have had a quiet morning; I worked out a collage and did an anagram, for those that care. I used a frame in Cathy today, the text being, “There aren’t enough hours in the day to experience all the wonders you have inside!!” My anagram (just one again for now) “Text is relevant enough see how you had help, your hidden heart seen in recreation.”

I would call comics and anagramming recreational. I kinda’ liked where the comics took things today…and yeah, another cannibal showed up, so I threw him in the mix. I need not read too much into it, though.

It’s crunchy outside today! Ice atop the snow in the yard and on the steps, so I have not ventured out today, though the road is clear. Fortunately we have some electrical appliances for heat, albeit it an expensive way to heat, until I can get to the basement. I will try to go around the other side of the house where there are no steps. That has worked before. We could use the wood heat here soon, rather than run up the electric bill any more.

The beau wanted pancakes today, something about national pancake day today (like we need an excuse) and apparently that helped him go back to sleep, because he has been sleeping all morning. He generally falls asleep after eating. That’s OK, he is not able to do much but read, watch TV, or sleep and eat for a few weeks yet. He has to get the staples out of his leg this week, then back to bed basically for another 4 weeks. I saw in  the local news last night that the benefit for him has been publicized. There are a lot of really nice folks in this town. We are fortunate to have people who care about their neighbors…small towns are nice like that.

I am not really in the kind of neighborhood where one gets to know the neighbors like I did in the cul-de-sac where I used to live. I don’t socialize here. Some day I would like to spend a little time talking or socializing (whatever that really means) with a few people I have met in town, namely a few folks I met when there was a concentrated Katrina effort.

I wrote a little about that in another blog, there was a lot that went into us being there to help when we got home from NY  and it was an interesting weekend in  give and take.  It was work well worth the effort. There were many coincidences surrounding the experience: like this  and this , if you are into the coincidences…these are good ones. You might actually enjoy some of the old journals, there is a lot of that stuff in them. Life has many wonderful connections for those willing to jump in with both feet.

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