uh oh


I realized a few minutes ago that I posted my last entry without a single word. Well, there were words, but they were within the jpeg, something a bot might not recognize. Oh me oh my. Sometimes I forget…sometimes I get carried away…sometimes I get tired…sometimes A.D.D. takes over and wham, before you know it, I push the button to publish and voila…that’s what I get, or what you get, dear reader. And one of these days I will actually clean up my idea of categories so things make more sense, but then, maybe not. Either you get it or you don’t. It’s too hard to explain on a daily basis.

So what did I do, I made another anagram out of something I put in the last collage, from today’s Sally Forth cartoon. The guy looks like he’s in a Star Trek shirt, doesn’t he? So Beam Me Up, came to mind and then, well, it turned into one of the anagrams, “One rule for key, mind right with epistle tour, beam me up…that’s enough!” The text I am using for these anagrams is, “Well, if you’re gonna put me on the spot, I’d better make sure I’m right, huh?” So the other two anagrams from that text are:

1.)  “I identify Pot Bottom Angel, (which I did in a previous post) we use humor, learn truth, Keeper hugs him.”

2.) One mind keeps up, met with our light beam, after you’re through, listen.”

My imagination soars sometimes. A little fun goes a long way to keeping my mind busy. Meanwhile, I suppose I could at least go back to the last post and put in the words to the comics text and anagram.

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