Perdurable. That was yesterday’s word of the day, when I decided to start using the word of the day link on my main page. Today, “perdurable” is in the anagram. Hmmm, imagine that.  Today’s anagrams come from the Over the Hedge cartoon second frame of the comic strip. The text says, “You’re all just mentally organizing random markings into a recognizable pattern.” Well, well, well, if that ain’t the truth! Is life and art mingling again?

Two anagrams from the text:

1.) Truly enjoy blog, real anagram grammar, a little note on park, dizziness continuing.”

2.) A real king tells men to try cognizant organizing…”perdurable” just a minor anomaly?”

“perdurable” means

1. very durable; permanent; imperishable.
2. Theology. eternal; everlasting.

So what? I don’t know but I found this today after I realized how I prefer my old hard bound Random House much better than the online version.

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