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Hearing the news yesterday that another college campus killer let loose on a room full of innocents, I was saddened for all those involved—parents, family, friends, the community…our society. There is no clear cut warning that someone will go off, and no real way to protect those who might become victims of a madman. It is news hard to hear, being the mother of three college-aged children, I know that their young adulthood did not change how much I worry about them. News like that doesn’t help.

There are times when I wonder how any of the horrible things that happen can be part of a bigger plan. Many are not prepared for such devastating events, and many never fully recover from them. Even though I hear terrible news in the world, I still anagram with comics (though not feeling anything at the moment) because it is part of my daily routine. I remember when I heard about the Virginia Tech massacre.  I kept trying not to think about it, but it kept coming back to me. I looked up a couple of the entries I made then:

(Tuesday, April 17, 2007)

On Friday my horoscope was, There is only one way to know for sure if you have accurate accounts or full understanding. Put recent theories, information or data to the test.” On Monday, I missed something because the text I was drawn to should have been more to me than something to anagram, so I went back to see what I missed. The text I anagrammed was from the comic strip, For Better or Worse, and what it meant was apparent (“I think ‘what if’ is going to turn into ‘what is'”.)

as soon as I saw Doonesbury’s comic strip. Monday’s Doonesbury strip (third frame) used the text, “Dear Mark, It was great to see you at reunions, since then, Ginny and I moved to Costa Rica. Wild huh?” At first, I only used part of the text, not the question.

The anagram from the text (Dear Mark, It was great to see you at reunions, since then, Ginny and I moved to Costa Rica) revealed the horrible news of the day, which I did not see until the 6:30 news came on last night. There had been a shooting spree at Virginia Tech, the man killed over 30 students and injured more than 20, then killed himself, in the Norris Hall building. My anagram reads: “Our coyote saw man go in Norris at Virginia Tech, I see many students, one attacker, dead.”

When I used the entire text, “Dear Mark, It was great to see you at reunions, since then, Ginny and I moved to Costa Rica. Wild huh?” I got this anagram: “Students at Norris, Virginia Tech, shot, we could see Hui attack, region aware many die on Monday.” The man who shot the students was named Hui, whose name anagrammed spells out Hui chose gun.

  (Wednesday, April 18, 2007)

“I recalled writing earlier this month, “I noticed something about the (B.C. comics) strip yesterday, but never got around to writing it. That happens sometimes, that I get to writing about one thing and the other happens without mention. The number 33 is an indicator to me; and it was the age at which Jesus died…and generally connotes death or some other event in some manner. The number was in the comic strip three times…”

Some connections are difficult; 33 people died at Virginia Tech on Monday.

I noticed the front page today, the words under a photo actually…the words were in something I re-anagrammed today, just to see if they showed up. The text from Doonesbury, “Dear Mark, It was great to see you at reunions, since then, Ginny and I moved to Costa Rica. Wild huh?” anagrammed to “Was rough case, I stay to very last amen, Matt wrote Hui denounced rich kids and religion in a note.” There was a photo of Hui above a story (by Matt Apuzzo) about Hui’s writings, and it said, “Cho Seung Hui, 23, left a note denouncing rich kids and religion.” Another story mentioned he had a problem with women, thus the anagram also read,”I utter a time whose age vacant, a story today: Hui’s rant denounces rich kids, women and religion.”

Horrible things happen in this world and sometimes there is nothing that can help us to understand, yet when I saw what was in the anagrams, I knew there was more to what I had written than just words. The universe already knows the bad news. How disappointed it must be in our world. I realize some things will happen no matter what we do to try to change them, no matter how much we try to help someone, no matter how much we pray, or deal, or cry. An instant is just that fast. There is little in it that can comfort us. There are many who feel God does comfort them, but in times like the VT incident (and the recent Illinois shootings) I am sure people question where God is in all this. Many get angry when you mention it. I cannot imagine being in their shoes and I cannot answer for anyone else. I can only pray their family, friends, and other support system is there for them, and somehow they can still hold on to the best of those they lost. My heart goes out to them.

(this post was previous named campus killers)

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