God’s business

Miserable cough, I can’t function much today. Sore throat, cough, you know. Everyone seems to be able to nap but me. Yes, I anagrammed finally, but it is in a collage. I added the other half of the doll in the comics (noting that with a dotted line) and it all pulled together for me. The text for the anagram is from Off the Mark, “Darn it, my thought balloons keep setting off the smoke alarm.” Hmmm, how far off from thetruth is that? The anagrams are:

1.) That angel’s my proof humbler, I took the task felt in God’s name.”

2.) Let them ask if God’s angel took that sinner, humble at my proof.

3.) Not get a lot of math per Lord, might take half monkey business.”

Monkey business, huh? Earlier today I put some pictures on the sidebar…one of them is from the game Barrel of Monkeys.  Sometimes God has a little monkey business, at least in my case. We have a lot of fun, He and I. I don’t know many people who have the same kind of relationship. Though God is serious business, He likes to have fun, and I don’t know of anyone who believes He has no sense of humor. Look at us! So I put the little Barrel of Monkeys picture on to remind me.  When I put that picture on I had not yet worked the anagrams out. Things just happen that way around here, just like a barrel of monkeys. Actually I used to play that game. Milton Bradley sure did make a lot of cool games…I gave you the Hasbro link here for a few memories.

There is another picture at the top of the page, which is the three rabbits mark. If you notice, each rabbit has two ears, one of which is an ear belonging to another rabbit. The three hares story goes waaaaaaayback…here’s an ABC online news article and the bottomline quote, “If we can open a window on something that in the past had relevance and meaning to people separated by thousands of miles and hundreds of years, it could benefit our present day understanding of the things we share with different cultures and religions”.puzzle7rabbits.jpg

I am glad I live in a place where I can learn about and share in the similarities and differences of others. All places on earth are not as free, but I can always hope that others will find the same freedoms available to them.

Kinda’ ramblin’, aren’t I? I don’t really have much focus today. The sun has been out and I am sure it’s warmer than yesterday, but I just can’t seem to cheer up much. I tried to spruce things up on the blog a little, but I am tellin’ ya, when I open the blog now that header really pops out at me. I needed that, I guess.


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