It wouldn’t go away until I figured it out and when i figured it out I knew why it wouldn’t go away…it waited until i found it.  It…being whatever it is that tells me it’s there. I knew it was there yesterday, I just kept pushing it off. I started to write about it but wasn’t ready to go the next step. Then, I just did it, and figured it was already out there, already done, I was just here to report on it. This is it. “That’s it, yes, that’s it,” I hear on the TV (Chuck is on 8:56 PM)


The text for the anagram comes from two of the February 14th Over the Hedge frames:

Attention everyone! Just because you think you see a “holy waffle” on my back

doesn’t mean it’s there! You’re all just mentally organizing random markings

into a recognizable pattern!”

The anagram reads: “Once I got the name, S—– K———–, I wasn’t sure

about putting that on my blog; it is a little freaky. Any one of you can read

my jumble. I lean on Lord Jesus, He only arranges one entry.

The time is now 9 PM
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