the rss connects on faith

I have not been blogging long on wordpress, and though I try to follow a few other blogs, wasn’t really understanding the RSS and that I had a file to make it easier to read what I had not and mark read what I had. Sometimes I park my brain and go about. So I finally got around to catching up on a couple of those sites on the faith tag feed. I ran across one with an interesting title, Beware the rearview mirror. I had not read this particular blog before so found it interesting, I liked the way it was written and this particular entry connected something.  My brain switched on immediately and I realized the rearview mirror was something I had glanced at earlier in the day and didn’t think much about it, until I saw this blog. The guy’s right. The cartoon is on the money for what he wrote, too. So pardon me, for looking back just a moment…because it is Strange Brew: (illustration no longer available online, it was an illustration of a guy with a rear-view mirror attached to the front of his shirt)

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One Response to the rss connects on faith

  1. LOL, that’s a classic comic! I’ll have to link back to it from my post. I’m glad you stopped by and that I could add a little value to your day.

    Best wishes

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