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I read in spurts because my attention span is not what it was when I had my photographic mind intact. I don’t know where it is nowadays, A.D.D. takes over now. I took out a book prior to the beau’s surgery, and read it in spurts at the hospital and shortly thereafter. Since the books are due I decided to pull out the quote that struck me as one to think about later. One of the books I read had an interesting perspective on God. The book The God Part of the Brain, A Scientific Interpretation of Human Spirituality and God. I had one page marked with a napkin, you know how ideas go. Bottom of page 58 and page 59 excerpted:

“How was it that people from every walk of life, every culture, race, age, sex and class, shared a belief in some form of a spiritual reality? …Unless this was the result of some vast and incredible coincidence, some internal force or instinct must have been responsible for this most peculiar human phenomenon.”

“And so I stepped back and typed out the question on my computer screen: ‘What if anything , can I say that I know with near certainty about God?’ As I pondered my own questions, shaking my head in the usual frustration, suddenly, in one radiant and Archimedic moment, it dawned on me. As plain as the nose on my face lay the one small but certain fact for which I had been searching. There it was, spelled out on the computer screen before me; simply, God was a word!”

“No doubt about it: God, I could say with empirical certainty, was a word.”

I would say most of us think of Word as more than letters on a page.  And insofar as perspective was mentioned, on page 226, the author quoted Kant, saying:

“As Kant expressed it, we can never possess absolute knowledge of “things in themselves”, but only relative knowledge of  “things as we perceive them.” Just as flies possess fly knowledge, humans possess human knowledge. And just as flies possess fly “truths”, humans possess human “truth”, neither being any more genuine or “real”,  just different…”

Well, we each are privvy to an opinion. Each person that comes to this blog is entitled to an opinion too. Some may think my anagrams a bit strange or controversial, but they are an observation more than anything. I am not trying to exploit or sensationalize or devalue or blaspheme and I cannot prove God is something that is inside or outside the human body or mind or brain.  I can only give my opinion, or my observation, or tell of my feelings. Sometimes that which I find in the anagrams surprises me…but how could it, if it comes from inside my mind, brought on only by an external observation of something else? I am certainly not intelligent enough to read comics at breakneck speed like a computer, or anagram in my head as I glance over an entire page of comics. I just know somehow, to pick one and anagram it. Sometimes I get a dozen anagrams, sometimes just one.


I often use a comic strip that I have used in a collage, but sometimes not. I go through phases, cycles, it all depends on whatever it is it depends on. A whim, a moment, a feeling, something beyond description. Is it religious? Spiritual? A coincidence? Hard to say. I am not going to spout statistics.

Today’s anagram may look suspect, especially the bath part, until you are told that my friend, Darlene came by about 2 PM, and she and her husband, and her sister and her husband all took my big dog for a walk, promising to give him a bath, if that was ok. Of course, I appreciated that offer, he was a bit rank. He was just brought back about 15 minutes ago, a little damp still, but smelling of Aussie creme rinse. A much nicer-smelling dog! So, it is no coincidence I had chosen a dog strip to anagram, is it?

Thus, the text from today’s Citizen Dog comic strip gave me this  sychronistic anagram (which is what it’s all about):

“Your question really isn’t coincidence, understanding Word’s simple whether in a theory of time concentration, allegorical Bible story, Ghost saves a set proof…I appreciate bath offer.”

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