a more vertical read

“What do you want me to do… make something up? Hey, it’s just what happened,” I hear on the TV just as I am ready to upload this collage (about 1:10 PM Law & Order on TNT)2-18-08collage.jpg

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3 Responses to a more vertical read

  1. Michelle says:

    This is great. I’ve been spending too much time on a site for agnostics, atheists, and skeptical christians. When they know they have a committed christian in the discussion, I become inundated with questions. I need this collage – maybe then I could back away with more grace.

    Your mind, or the Spirit moving within you, is an amazing thing. 😉

  2. Vickie says:

    The Spirit is amazing. There is no need to back away or back down from anyone, and reading the opinions of others is a good thing. It helps you set your mind. You already know the truth. Answer what you can or feel comfortable, and after that it is up to them. Free will and all. Feel free to use any collage I put together, it’s already out there, the cartoonists did all the work. I just put it all together. It all equals God. I asked, and that’s the answer I got, in something people can see. Others can decide for themselves what they are looking at. God’s a chameleon but I recognize Him everywhere.

    On the TV I hear someone say, “The way I see it…” Oh yeah, life’s little synchronicities are divine. 😉

  3. Michelle says:

    Thanks, your support warms my heart. 🙂

    Take care ~Michelle

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