paper, plastic, or…

stone…well, a little rock anyway.

Today’s LIO is a great take on life becoming art, rather than just an imitation. Cute little comic strip. Here’s today’s collage which includes some real life stuff:


On one of my pages I have a photo of a piece of plastic toy (sword in the stone) and a rock I found a few yards away from it on the river bank one day while I was in conversation with the Big Guy. The two forms now sit in a special cabinet in my living room. I smile every time I look at my smiley rock. There are many times when I walk, that my active thoughts see something outside of me that matches the “conversation” or thought inside, like a clarifier. No, I don’t talk to myself aloud or hear voices in my head, though some who don’t know me may argue my sanity with all this. It’s a “knowing”, rather hard to explain. Life and art mingle like the two “stones” in the photo. I know there are statisticians who can tell me the odds of finding those two similarly-shaped items within a few moments of one another, whilst on my little walk, for a one-time event stat. But there never is just one thing. And I found them on a riverbank which gives and takes things daily. This is a photo my wearing a pair of pepper pants, photographing a bag with the name Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno (chips) on it. hotty.jpg

I haven’t had any trash talking days in awhile, but I still have photos or little treasures I have brought home to remind me, even if I have forgotten the original “conversation.” Before that day I had never heard of Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno chips. I was on a roll that day, matching conversation inside with things outside. BTW, my name is Vickie.

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One Response to paper, plastic, or…

  1. Linda Taylor says:

    Vickie…. this is really COOL!!!! I like it….. your little wheels are always turning, love you:))) That rock is great!!

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