there’s one more

Schools closed early for an expected ice storm, but that doesn’t affect me. I did the usual comic collage, anagrammed one of the text bubbles that I came across.


When I saw the circuit box comic  I happened to have the TV on, well not me, the beau, but he was asleep. He had the movie “Paycheck” on at the time (which I noted when I heard one of the characters looking at a crossword puzzle) ask about a circuit.
Just a little synchronicity. And as for today’s anagram, I used the text:
“Where are the “fun facts”? Where are the riddles? Where are the mind benders and the brain teasers?”
The anagrams I did are:
1.) When she heard the funnies hid facts, she re-warmed reads, we let rabbit enter there, near reader.”
2.) Are there bunnies here? WWW heard her share it, her mindset affected readers and the best learn.”
3.) Read her testament, see where funnies had facts hidden, heard rabbit warrener rest wheel here.”


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