somewhat conversational

SETI @ home…do you think they find ET’s where they live? I was wondering if I shouldbunnygirl.gif put the program back on the computer. I have a feeling though, they have already found a few good signals, they just aren’t telling anyone about it.

I did a collage, conversational, if you may…which is a comic re-do of sorts. Things that showed up today in the comics have already been written into previous posts, so if you are in the mood for a little searching, you’ll find the mentions in previous posts, either in text or pictures. It’s part of my “conversation”, which is always difficult to explain to others. Probably as difficult as it would be to explain to people why I take a picture, cut it in half, mirror it, and see strange stuff in it, like the hare yesterday, and like this one, in which a bulldog is one of the things I see. This is the story behind that:

Today’s collage:
I gotta do anagrams yet.
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