The sun makes little appearances through the clouds today, but you still know it’s a winter day. When I got back from the store, just after noon, I was finally able to get the sidewalk cleared off.  The ice was a few inches thick, mostly what the street plow piled up on the sidewalk from the ice storm. The joys of living just feet from a highway. The trees are still ice-covered, as is the yard, but nothing to worry about right now. My friend (Darlene) and I had rain checks for salmon and soup, which they re-stocked, so we were able to purchase those today.

Actually, after tasting the soup I wasn’t real impressed. I haven’t eaten canned soup in a long time, and now I remember why. The beau will eat it, though, so it is still a bargain I guess, a 10/$10 deal. Generally, I make my own soups, which my neighbor is always happy to eat, and bought a bag of potatoes to do a potato-leek soup. My daughter called the other day for my pea soup recipe, but there is no real recipe. I’m sure she’ll figure out with the ingredients list I gave her, it is an individual thing.

I did my cartoon/comic collage fairly quickly this morning, but due to the interruptions it couldn’t go on the earlier post. Below is today’s anagram, which I really liked. It’s a real eiffel.

I picked part of today’s Lil’ Abner comic strip to anagram today. The original comic strip is dated October 25, 1955. Just so no one thinks there’s anything more random picks, I was only 9 months old when it came out…so it was in the plan long before I found it. The text from the comic strip is, “CONFESS!! Are you getting any help from the outside? Natcherly!!!”

There are two anagrams:

1.) “Eye God’s plan consistently, you get truth from each fine hare.”

2.) “They’d see you connect letters, you see He flips for anagram thing.”


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