just pieces of a puzzle

It’s 8:28 (*as I prepared my comics of the day for collage); I have the TV on as I hear (on HGTV) someone say, “the final piece of the puzzle” as I come to an offthemark cartoon (no longer available):

The last (printed) thing I saw before going to bed last night was that back cover of the new House Beautiful magazine that came in the mail yesterday. This is part of the photo:


Just a little synchronicity to start the day. Like what else is new?! It’s all part of something bigger, isn’t it? At least that’s my belief.

The beau was up all night, which means I didn’t get much uninterrupted sleep, with TV on, lights on, tapping on computer keys. Grrr. My brain is a bit sluggish this morning. At some point I need to go to the grocery store, which is not my idea of fun on a Saturday, but Madison’s most crowded grocery days are still nothing compared to a Saturday shopping day on Beechmont Avenue in Cincinnati. I can handle it here just fine. I am getting used to the slower pace, but sometimes it is soooooo slow I need a jolt. Not being a drinker (but for the occasional glass of wine) that’s not the kind of jolt I refer to in this case. I need new life, something to get my blood up now and then. It will happen…patience V, patience.

Meanwhile, back to coffee, comics, and Saturday HGTV.

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2 Responses to just pieces of a puzzle

  1. Michelle says:

    The jolt will come before you know it – I think we only have about two weeks of peace before something else hits us. Good we know God.

  2. V says:

    There’s another revival right around the corner, Michelle. It’s funny how one sees pieces of the puzzle coming into place, yet still long for instant renewal. Patience has always been an issue with me (LOL) but God says I am a work in progress. Sometimes I argue and say I can’t wait, because I see the signs are there. Yes, good we know God, the ever overflowing cup of Love! I start, go through and end my day with His love coursing through me. Having recently switched to decaf it’s easier to tell one jolt from the next. 😉

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