My last post got me thinking…

One of my favorite critters is spoon-billed, but not for eating, thank you. They are interesting to watch. I remember the first time I saw one, up close and personal, the kids thought they were sharks. Some people may say, a spoon-billed what?

They are Paddlefishin Indiana, there is a bit of an effort through changes in the law to control poaching, but fishing is fishing and there are many who cheat. It takes a while to “make more” ya’ know. I was pleased when I heard that poachers were caught last year in a caviar ring. I was surprised the investigation had gone on two years before the arrests though. 

Ongoing assessments need to be made to keep these delightful fish from becoming fished out.

I am hoping the news reports of contamination leave more than a bad taste in some people’s mouths and they slow or stop consumption. I’d like to see these guys around a lot longer. They remind me a lot of gars. Maybe if paddlefish could manage poisonous eggs like the gar…

I used to have this crazy dream about having a river aquarium, since I live near the river. I would love to be able to fill it with as many varieties as possible, to educate people about our local waterways, who lives in the water and how to preserve the environment for them. Sometimes zoos and aquariums are the only way to save certain animal species. As much as I like visiting such places, I also wish the critters had more room to roam around. So, yeah, I would have to be talking a large aquarium, like the one in Cincinnati, but not ocean fish, just inland waterways fish, throw in a few water snakes, beavers, whatever else is in the area. Hmmm, let’s see, we have elk, bobats, wolves, …yeah, it sounds more like a zoo than an aquarium. Maybe a little of both. How about local birds, too, ducks, pheasants, etc.? You’d visit, wouldn’t you? It could be an eco-tourism thing, where you learn a little, go out and enjoy the day on the river, or walk in the woods.

I guess I’m rambling now, eh? Conservation is important. I would love to have the money and where-with-all to “do” something like that, wouldn’t you?

A few more online links:

paddlefish live on  Polyodon spathula  texas spoonbilled fish  alabama no longer allows them to be “harvested”

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