Congratulations! You can’t misunderstand this one! If you have been paying attention at all, you WILL understand I used the exact words in my last post, “pieces of dreams can be re-arranged to fit ” (and those words are in today’s anagram). The comic strip text is a random pick, from today’s Spot the Frog. I almost used it in the collage I did earlier, but held it out for some reason.

Today’s comic strip text: “frog species are dying left and right. the pressure to procreate has never been greater. if i don’t come across as irresistible the entire genus could be doomed.”

Anagram: “The pieces of dreams can be re-arranged to fit right before our eyes…see this? It does occur. God gives me a super reliable code. Lord’s pertinent as inner strength.”

Now I know why I didn’t use that particular comic strip text in the collage. It needed to be in a separate post.


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