wishes are

like anagrams, pieces of dreams can be re-arranged to fit whatever is available. Sometimes we wish for something because we are dreamers, and sometimes the dreams change. Sometimes circumstances in life change us so we no longer wish or dream, and sometimes the wish changes because opportunity makes it available. I was thinking about what is available, that which is brought by the Ohio River. An aquaintance said once, “the river brings you things” (Paul Hassfurder of Madison, Indiana). That has stuck in my mind. What he told me I took to a different level, not “things”, not something material, or something necessarily that you can touch, though maybe. Sometimes that which the river brings is something that touches you.

Today’s anagram is right smack in the middle of the collage today, coming from the text, “Yes! I wonder if I’ll have to touch a fish.” The anagram reads, “Oh, they’ll use favors if I indicate how.” I think I will indicate how soon…how, soon, or how soon…with aplomb. Today’s word is aplomb, assurance of manner or action.


Maybe I already indicated something by spooning a gar; I am still thinking about the river, and what it has brought me. The spirit moves me, as I look at the snow falling once again outside the window, sometimes snow, sometimes rain…always water.

I have been known to catch snowflakes on the tip of my tongue. Wishes are like  snowflakes, too, you know. Just on the tip of one’s tongue…

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