livin’ the memory

Ahhh yes…It took me back to summers on the lake, Crystal Lake, in Beooolaaaaah (Beulah) when I got my new Midwest Living magazine supplement in the mail yesterday. I miss those days with the kids and their grandparents. Being divorced from their father I had to give the vacations up, but the memories are still good. We used to go to the same spots every year while there: Gwen Frostics prints, whose beautiful block-prints and poetry are worth the trip anyday, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Empire Beach, Frankfort and Point Betsie Lighthouse, or just a bicycle ride to downtown Beulah.  The same familiar places were always augmented by some new drive or day trip, boat rides and lazy days on the beach, or a stroll to find wildflowers for making a bouquet for grandma. Artwork was a must, for adults and children. It was always a good time. Crystal Lake was just that then, crystal clear. Always cool water, but you get used to it after a while. No crowds, plenty of water sports activities, a real sailing, sailboarding lake. The kids’ grandfather fished now and then, but no nessie-types were ever found.

Looking for  Petoskey stones was my favorite thing to do every day while the kids played near the shore, or tested out their swimming skills. They counted on me to find the stones in the water. I always did, even though most of them were a little harder to find in the area where we stayed, the pattern was certainly not as well defined as those in this photo , but still worth the search.  Nature has certainly given us many beautiful “things” to help us keep a precious lifetime of memories. Some day if I ever have money again, I would like to have a vacation again. I’d go to Michigan for the summer if I could, too! There’s just something spiritual about being around that much water, fresh air and sunshine. Of course, being around the the places where we once made memories makes one feel young again, too.

All that even before I opened to the first page of the magazine. Yep, I am still livin’ the memories. You know, I like being by the river, but give me a lake or ocean beach any day, too! Caribbean blue water is my favorite color. I could even live on the water, couldn’t you? No waterworld, thank you , but a nice little houseboat…

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2 Responses to livin’ the memory

  1. michigan is so beautiful! I live in East Lansing now and just love it! It seems that most people outside of the state dont know much about petosky stones… especially the fact that they are from old coral reefs back in the days that michigan was an exotic tropical area 😛

  2. V says:

    I can never get enough of those Michigan days, or Petoskey stones. They ARE cool, aren’t they? I guess they are more prevalent north of Crystal Lake area, but I still enjoyed looking for them. I love Michigan! It is truly a gem state. There is a certain summer day when the air is just warm and sunny here and we say, it’s a Michigan day! Thanks for stopping by!

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