what a signal

Once upon a time there was a signal called the “Wow! signal“, found by Jerry R. Ehman an astronomer who was the first scientist to detect such a radio signal on August 15, 1977. At the time this was discovered Mr. Ehman was working on a project at the Big Ear radio telescope of Ohio State University.


 If you’d like to join the search for ET install download the SETI/BERKELEY program.

I have a triplet or two lost in my old computer which is in storage, but can’t prove it to you. I did do screen shots of it, but, of course, that’s stuck in the computer, too. What’s a triplet? According to Seti at home,

 “Triplets are a sets of 3 equally spaced spikes. Whereas gaussians represent a constant signal from space, triplets may represent a series of pulses transmitted at fixed time intervals.” They have a few screen shots you can look at here.

Since BERKELEY came up today, I was  lead to look up a couple of old comic strips because parts of them go with this whole post so well. First things first.

I did not do a collage today, but instead chose a random comic strip text bubble to anagram, as I always do, and got three anagrams from the text, “I tell ya kid…I don’t know how much more weirdness I can take [and] Better stay away from the mirror.”:

1.) “I think you knew I  made the most of my written word, it became a rare skill; try on a word search.”


2.) “Leonardo’s wit came in handy… first time you met Berkeley, how weird was that knock at mirror?”

Notice Berkeley Breathed’s Opus character and use of an anagram in the comics.


3.) “That first “Wow!” was an early knock, Berkeley, ET came, we had to do this in your “mirror mind” time.”

Hmmm. A little bubbling by one Berkeley or another.


Do you think any of this has affected our minds? Or is it brains, eh Berkeley?


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