aliens? naaaaaah…

Well, it could be aliens, who knows. Must be that weird tooth in my mouth, a wild form of wisdom that used to come in just a little bit more each time I was pregnant, like an antenna or another eye of sorts. Gotta be some reason I “see” this way…in anagrams.

Did you read that story on the blind man who now sees with his son’s tooth inserted in his eye socket (with a lens inserted in a hole drilled in the tooth)? Ain’t nuttin’ new under the sun,  stranger things happen every day. I used to work in ophthalmology some 30 years ago, but never saw one of these types of surgeries. There are a few photos (on this page) showing what is called Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis (OOKP). This may be a bit gross for some but the photos give you an idea of what I am talking about. Freaky, but functional. The beau didn’t want to look at the screen while I looked at it, but he is really squeamish, so I understand. Science is a marvelous tool man that man’s been given.

I think it is all part of the Big Guy’s plan. Some get more confused with ideas of the future, and some come up with the new ideas that become every day fact. Whoda’ thunk? I just keep trying to keep up from one post to the next. The last post included the little alien theme I got going here, as did others recently.

I did another anagram, go figure, because it seemed no one has picked up on the alien theme I got going here, or the signal from outer space. The comics are cosmic, at least I see them that way. The text bubbles shown from Monty today are, “What’s that? It’s a signal I use to indicate when I think something is funny” translated to the three anagrams as shown:


1.) “What’s new? You maintain high-use, don’t think that’s a Sci-Fi signal? intent hides.”

2.) “That this is shown again, I think it meant signal indicates when they found us!”

3.) “What a deal! It is an uncanny thought…who gets Einstein’s mind? I think it’s a fish!”

Just think of the possibilities!

I do!

Post Script: Later in the evening I added this PS after reading my science mail. As it turned out there was a post today on about aliens and signals. I just opened my mail about 8:30 PM. It really gave me a laugh considering I posted the entry before I read the SETI article. Life’s little coincidences are so much fun. Borrowing a quote from the SETI post, “It comes down to this: When someone tells you the aliens couldn’t possibly hear us, you can just smile politely. The truth is, they could. And what about us hearing them?”

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