just a memo…

“Say it all fits…Yes, man got life’s famous space “Wow!”…very interesting.”

It does all fit. It’s just an anagram, though, right?


Today’s anagram came from Winnie the Pooh text. How innocuous is that? The text chosen was, “Owl says it’s a very efficient way of telling us important messages!” Well, I am sure in the forest where these creatures live, it would be good to use a language they could read. What language do you think others could use that we could understand. Pictures, words…something current? Something obvious!

In my last post, I did mention (well, maybe I didn’t mention anything directly) the nexus of my previous posts, building on something. I just use what I have available as it is given. Sometimes, one frame at a time of comics strip bubbles. Sometimes, it is just whatever is in my mind. This particular anagram today does, in fact, tell enough to connect it to a previous post…something about a signal…pretty funny, isn’t it? The universe and I have a great game going…

Do you see any connections? SETi

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