a time window

moxy.jpg2-29-anagram.jpgIf eyes see like a camera, one of us is upside down. Eyes, the window to the soul, to the heart of another, and if people can see through teeth, well, why can’t others “out there” see through us. Ya never know. I had time for an anagram, a quick pick, as it were. The text, “Weird! It was like I was lost in some pocket of time…no longer yesterday but not yet tomorrow…” The anagram is simple, and follows up on recent post, and a belief that we can actually talk/communicate in ways our little pea-brains have yet to fathom. The anagram is, “We saw a time window to talk in, it’s proof I signed more letters, try not to block your eye.”

It’s hard for humans to wrap their thoughts around something as yet “unproven” by certain scientific standards, “unheard” by a certain range of sound outside the body, it must be something “out there”. Yes, I believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost and I believe because I believe that, and because I believe with a whole heart and mind, that the possibility of ALL THINGS is not a reach…it’s not a reach. God is science provable by thinking outside that box. Go higher and wider in your imagination, you’ll see how I came to this language.

 A commercial comes on and I hear, “Your love is taking me


higher, than I ‘ve ever been taken before.”

If people would take the time to look around, they would see more of the things I see. Take this photo for instance…Terrapin Point, Niagara Falls. A friend took this photo on the New York side. Nice photo, eh? I thought so.

But did you see the man in Terrapin Point? maninterrapin.jpgMaybe with the area of the photo enlarged you can see what I see. My friend didn’t see it, but the camera did. I see what the camera sees. If someone asked if you could see God everywhere, what would you say? I’d say God is a chameleon and because I want to see Him in the face of others, I see, faces. It’s part of what our brain “does”, so I see faces everywhere, like the man in Terrapin Point. It’s a profile…maybe a stretch for some.  When I went to Niagara Falls, back in 2002, I was on the Canadian side. My first and only trip to Canada. I would love to go back there. I went with a friend who told me his parents conceived him there. It was a business trip but I said I would ride along as long as I could see Niagara.

 buddyniagara1.jpgWhile there I came across this character. I took a few photos but my photos were not just of the falls. I took pictures of other things, this little guy being my favorite photo, one of the viewers at the edge of the walkway. Viewers? Yeah, one of those things you feed a quarter to and it opens it’s eyes so you can look through to see at a distance. I saw “the viewer” as a character, not just a piece of machinery. I aptly named him Niagara. He has a special place in my thinking now.

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