fuzzy logic


Today’s Get Fuzzy text is not being used for this entry, but I am using part of today’s Get Fuzzy comic strip (illustration and text) comic strip to illustrate a nexus. Yesterday I used part of the Monty strip where a “signal” is being shown and gave a few anagrams for that. Today I am using the same part of that comic strip, changing the anagram ever so slightly, then adding another anagram (from that same text) and using it to show a connection that appears in today’s Get Fuzzy strip. The added anagram is “You find a window. This isn’t high tennis. I see a man that’s thinking…that’s a clue.” Re-anagramming also gave me this: “I meant that this signal’s shown again. I think it indicates when they found us.”

160x600_dp_deeper_01.jpgIf you look at the Get Fuzzy strip you will see that the dog mentions “tennis” and the man is thinking. Tennis is like an inside joke between me and the Big Guy. I used to find tennis balls, as clues, whenever I would have my “conversations” while out walking on the river bank. Sometimes I would find them in other places too, but they would get my attention, it’s kinda’ like fetch. Sometimes I would bring home whatever the trash was that I found on the banks, because I wanted a photo of  that part of the conversation. I have brought home some strange stuff. I also collect driftwood too, but that’s really not that unusual. Once I found a giant wooden egg (formed from being in the water, no doubt) on the riverbank, but I couldn’t bring it home…too big for me to handle alone. I was also on my way out of town. By the time I got back, it was gone. Someone else got it.

OOPS! I am going off track again. I-think-I-can-I-think-I-can, get back to where I was. Oh yeah, the nexus…I need to go look at more cartoons.

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