Right after I posted my previous entry I went back to a file folder I had just used. I was looking through the file for a particular photo when I came upon this one of the invisible man. It has been in my file a couple of years. Obviously I thought it was funny enough to keep it in a file.

As I was looking at it there was a commercial on, it’s one of those army commericials in which father is talking about his son who is in the army and his dad says, ” Well, he can outrun me.” I just started laughing. What synchronicity! I do have a lot of fun with the synchronicities in life, even if it is just me and mr. invisible. I hope others see the humor in this as I do. It wreaks havoc with A.D.D. though…very distracting. What was I doing?

Something about a train…oh yeah, the nexus…my train of thought…I do have a tendency to ride the train and tell of what I find along the way. It’s stream of consciousness thinking/posting. As I think I put it down, and whatever comes next is what comes next. Does it always work that way? Well, I can’t really say. I do have a tendency to jump around a lot.

Every time I am in the middle of some post, or the pieces of it from my computer or the internet, the cat needs in, the dog needs out or the beau decides he needs something to eat or drink (he spends most of the day asleep but wakes to feed). I save what I have, go do whatever, and come back to find the beau on the computer. Sometimes I don’t get back to the post for hours. He is awake most of the night on the computer, looking at who knows what, playing games, etc., and has no idea what it is like to be in the middle of something and have to postpone the train of thought. Having only one operational computer in the house is a real pain. Yes, he could play games on one not connected to the internet. Oh well, A.D.D. is coming on, again, so I need to get back to the nexus.

At this point I have only looked at maybe 7 comic strips. I have a few on my “my yahoo” page to get me started, then I jump around. At some point I will be interrupted by friends stopping in for a while, too. No idea what time. I would like to finish my dailies though. I saved this post and decided to go look at a couple of toons, to start my collage file from which I would do an anagram. After I saw the next two comic strips I figured I would go ahead and post this entry. Why” It’s too much to keep straight in my head.

Here are the next two comics I came to: Garfield…

and Lio:

Yeah, I need to go focus a little. Maybe doing the comics in order would help today. Apparently I “have them” before reading them, but still, it would be nice to have my coffee, copy the toons I need for a collage, and do another post when I have that out of the way. Stream of consciousness trains are fairly fast, and I am drinking de-caf, so it takes more coffee to process and keep the A.D.D. at bay.

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