lollipop salvation?

Lollipop Salvation is what the pastor called this morning’s sermon. He said his daughter asked for one of those big rainbow lollipops while shopping at Goodwill this week. First time for such a wonderful treat. A two-for-one kinda’ deal, where she was able to give her sister one, too. Not wanting lollipops stuck all over the child and the car on the way home, the pastor told his daughter she couldn’t have it until later. Being a child she kept asking and asking, to the point where he told her, if she asked one more time he would throw it out the window. Well, you know what happened. There was a bit of conversation before the lollipop went out the window, and yes, the pastor did admit he littered.

Some raccoon or opossum ought to like that. He had to throw it out the window so the child would know what daddy says daddy means.  He was as disappointed as she was, no doubt, but it makes a good lesson. He had to keep his word. Obviously he told the story much better than I, but he had an hour and 15 minutes in which to run the service and get the story out.

On the way out of church I told the pastor I had written a post called outta dum dums this week. I’m not sure what that means to him so I guess I will print that post and the one that came before it to tie the whole thing together. Maybe it will be more meaningful to him that way, who knows.  In case you didn’t read it, go back and see why I smiled when I heard, “today’s sermon is called Lollipop Salvation.”

There was a song sung in church today, which included the words “an alien by birth” which made me think…aren’t we all? Time to rest a while, check out the day’s toons, maybe I can get another post or two done before the next session of church starts.


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