purdy funny


It’s funny sometimes, life, just like that box o’ chocolates Forrest’s mom told him about…ya never know whatja’ gonna get. Take this morning, for instance. Sometimes the pastor really surprises me with the breadth and depth of his sermons. The one this morning was sweet and layered, like the rainbow lollipop he spoke of. The sermons I like best come straight from life’s experiences. It reminded me of the days at the church I used to go to in Cincinnati, Nathan Custer’s preaching style. I’ve mentioned him before.I always liked that folksy touch. There’s always a scripture to tie life to, but not only is using our experiences to support what we read in the Bible wonderful, it’s good to support our life with the Bible’s lessons. Sometimes it’s like a special pick out of a favorite box of chocolates, sometimes like a new box we have never tasted. A purdy good mix. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away sometimes, but the Lord is always good. That’s my “Sunday stuff”.

Everyone has been told life sometimes gives us lemons, and there are those who make lemonade with it. That’s what my momma taught. Sometime in the past few days, while on my whirlwind connecting a bunch of posts together, I came across an old photo I had copied. I almost used it yesterday but said, naaahhh, I’ll wait another day. Well, I waited. 

I ran across a pic of a  gauge, it’s part of the nexus. On it I see the words Lemonade and Soda Water on the dial. The other day I picked up some tonic water for some friends (in case they wanted to drink their normal drink they have when they visit, gin and tonic). I had to go into the liquor store because the grocery store was out of it and I wasn’t sure if there was a reason to buy one over the other. I realized, when it came to mixing drinks, I didn’t know the difference between soda water, seltzer water and tonic water. Obviously I am not a drinker, so such things escape the everyday. Tonic is sweeter, it’s what I needed, so it was good I didn’t buy the soda water. It’s just funny that I have this silly picture of an unusual gauge. I came across it right around the time I was using the Opus comics that showed stressed backwards is desserts, and then the Ziggy comic strip with the same. When people are stressed they are usually under pressure, …Some things just make more sense to me, like a symbol or signal of what’s to come. lemonade1.jpg

In thinking about that gauge with lemonade written on it, I thought 60…the number 60…how about a temperature of 60 degrees. Well, today, the temperature should be right around 60 degrees. Things have a way of coming together at some point , like the “lemonade” in one of today’s comic strips, it makes a connection of sorts. That’s what I like to do, connect the dots, so sometimes I need to include where I’ve been so you know where I am going. My “disclaimer” of sorts, is this is “One of those blogs where you need to go back a few entries in order to connect some of the anagrams, comics, or collages, as is often the case of art imitating life.” So some of today’s collage contains already used comics and some are new today. If you have been following along, you already know which is which.


Did anyone guess which comic strip text I was going to use for anagrams the last time I asked that? Did anyone guess it was what it was? Maybe you can figure out what today’s collage will bring.

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