lěd first

as opposed to lēd first. The people handing out money (grant folks) today didn’t get very far with us. They said those with the least income qualify first, so that should have put us at number one. The problem came in having a house covered in lead paint, crumbling, chipping, falling off the boards, lead paint.  If the paint was intact, no problem. Had we left the aluminum siding on the house it would not have been a problem. And generally, if you don’t have the money to go ahead and scrape and paint the house to begin with, you won’t be getting the grant.peeling-paint.jpg

Of course, in trying to restore a house to it’s original beauty, vinyl or aluminum siding just doesn’t quite give the same appeal. First of all, this is an historic district, so there are not too many houses built after 1978 or having all the paint removed since that time. Many have covered it up, so if that has already been addressed, well, their candidacy goes up. But since the lead paint issue has to be addressed first, the grant folks won’t touch the house.

It would take as much as the grant is to remove the lead paint and repaint it, and neither of us can get a house painted in the next couple of months to be able to qualify for the grant; he just had hip surgery and I am too dizzy to do it. Even IF we had the materials, money and time, it couldn’t be done that fast. We lose out once again. Being poor sucks. Just one more disappointment. This place just can’t seem to get a leg up. It took me weeks to get the paint scraped off of a door, window and surrounding area a year ago, so no, it’s not likely to get done anytime soon. So I guess the next time the nuisance squad comes by, I’ll have another reason nothing is happening here.

Meanwhile, another chunk of ceiling fell into the loveseat today, bringing down more coal dust, wet hundred-year old plaster, and dirty rainwater. That’s the blue-tarp covered side of the roof I’ve written about. To say it leaks would be polite with more and more chunks falling in. It’s rained all day long. The kitchen is still a swamp on the counters and floor. I kinda’ gave up for the night. I took a bath earlier in apple-juice colored water, so the city probably needs to flush the hydrants. Guess coffee will be late in the morning. Not cooking any pasta tonight. Good thing I bought a little blanco spinach-cheese pizza on sale for four bucks. Life is certainly different than I ever thought it would be. I still have blessings to count, and comics to anagram. Haven’t done those yet today, so off I go.

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