a minor miracle


Someone must’ve hit the beau over the head last night. He got up this morning, fixed breakfast, swept the living room floor, and I got some sleep because he stayed off the computer most of the night. Miracles do happen! It is so nice to get some sleep, even if I am nowhere near what normal people get, a few hours is nice.

I think you’re gonna like today’s anagram. I did the collage and when I realized Popeye was there, I chose the text bubble to anagram. Things just kinda’ went together after that. The comic strip text is, “Yeah, I has an importink mission there!” That gave me two somewhat related anagrams immediately, so I got lazy and stopped there. The anagrams are:

1.) “They remain near, ask him his position.”

2.) “His name is Iam, persona theory, I think.”

Hmmm, sounds like something from a previous post or two.

What do I know of theories, witnessing, quarters, UFO’s, a natural order of things, drywall, lead paint, echoes, or boxes of chocolate? They just happen to be in the comics today, so I put them in my collage. 😉



I titled this post a minor miracle because sometimes it seems like one was performed, like the beau doing something different for a change. I used to write on another site, using the name my mosaic of minor miracles. (here’s where that began). I am used to seeing miracles everywhere. Some people don’t call the smallest things that happen miracles. Maybe that is why they don’t see many. I will continue to see what I see, because I too, am what I am, just like Popeye. Ya might say I am on a mission, too.

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