that’ll do

I’ve noticed my post titles are a bit funny when looking at them altogether in a list or in reverse, the last fifteen: the Lord’s saucer beans, beans, focus, focus watch conferred  i, too, can be mindless the trees have eyes  lěd first a sentient (K.I.S.S.) a minor miracle mmm, puddin’ an amish read saw a way who’s counting you can get it if you really want Jesus is my insurance. I’m sure there is some subconscious thing going on here.

“that’ll do pig, that’ll do” I say to myself.

That comes from the movie Babe and because I needed a photo for this entry I looked for one finding this video cover. I noticed on the cover says “A little pig goes a long way” about the same time I heard the chef on BBC America’s show Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares say, “It’s come a long way.”

Yeah, that’ll do pig, that’ll do.

All about timing I suppose.

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