who’s counting

I can’t be the only one who gets it???? The universe game really isn’t that difficult. It’s all just science, right?  Someone can explain it, it’s all just science. You don’t really want me to explain this, do you? Today’s anagram is what I call a doubler; using one randomly chosen comic bubble text, I double it, then the result is still an anagram, just done differently. It wasn’t even in the collage until I decided I needed to do an anagram before putting the post on. I went to the next random cartoon, and it’s one I have never seen before called The Super Amazing Duo of Justice, so picked one of the text bubbles which says, “I guess we can go now.” Using the words twice, it anagrammed to, “We go on using science; “Wow!” was on gauges.”

That harkens back to my post where I used a gauge and a few before that, back to the post on the “WoW!” signal, and fits perfectly into today’s collage where the little ballerina blows bubbles all around, and says, “So what’s the problem, this is totally science.” Yes, God is science, as would be any other sentient beings that could communicate this way. See, someone from the future would already know the outcome of today’s events, so lining things up would not be a problem. What IS the problem is how could it just be random? Well, the truth be known, I suppose all the cartoonists that do a comic strip on a daily basis could be getting together to figure out which random ones I will pick each day, because they are from the future, and someone will play the human law of averages, and knowing which one I will pick to anagram, will just laugh and laugh and laugh.

What do you think? What’s the word of the day? rara avis3-6-08comics.jpg

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One Response to who’s counting

  1. Ted says:

    Thanks for reading my comic!!!

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