u.v. vision


For a while today I had u.v.vision, as in ultra violet. As bright as it is/was, I was just out there too long without sunglasses. It’s not snow blindness, only because I wasn’t out there that long to cause pain or injury to the eye. Just “purple vision” or “u.v. vision”, which while it lasted was kinda’ cool, but… The sun is certainly bright now, and blue sky and clouds are now the order of the day. I won’t complain about a little purple haze. I didn’t get much of a snow house made, but I had fun being outside for a little while.

The sun’s been out about while, so it’s doing its job, the street is now clear. My horoscope, “You’ve got two equally important tasks that are pulling you in opposite directions.” Gee, let’s see, clear off the front porch and sidewalk or the back steps. Eenie, meanie…

“Make the choice and stick with it — you should be able to deal with the outcome over the next few days or so.” Well, the sun is out, and really, whether I shovel or not it the sun will take care of it in the next couple of days, because it will get warmer.  Don’t you love those horoscopes? The beau convinced me I had done enough outside today. I agree. That snow’s heavy.

Back to u.v.vision…

Did you know that birds see ultraviolet light?It appears that UV vision has been been found in over 40 species, it’s a diurnal thing in birds and bees, great for flower vision. Ultraviolet vision in mammals is rare, a few rodents and marsupials, but there are also people who see in ultraviolet. some temporarily, some permanently. I did for 10 minutes. It was interesting the way everything looked. I found an interesting link about it too, online.


The writer says, “You don’t have to come from another planet to see ultraviolet light.” Is that like the sign I have mentioned that hangs on the wall at SETi that says, “you don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it helps!” I can pretty much say that about anything, just fill in the blank, “you don’t have to be crazy to_______but it helps!” Yeah, it just might be the difference. 

Everyone knows I see things funny anyway. 🙂

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