feathered flummoxing

redtailedhawk.jpgHeadlines: 43-year old man endures feathered flummoxing!


it was confusing enough to figure out how the pillow exploded, feathers were flying everywhere! In order to get all of those feathers out of his hair I had to run the vacuum over him. I styled his hair a little while I was at it. Don’t all kids love to have the vacuum cleaner run through their hair? Life is certainly interesting around here.

The pillow is so old that the material just finally broke down. The feathers are worth saving, a bit prehistoric maybe, but combining a few of the more wimpy pillows will give slumber a whole new life around here. I know, you are thinking, why not just buy a new pillow for the same cost of new material? I dunno, a lot of dreams have happened on those feathers, so maybe losing the ones that flew all about was just a way of getting rid of the bad dream feathers. You could say I sucked them up into the vacuum and now those left are still worth keeping.  A little re-packaging now and then is good for the soul (and sleeping).   😉

I figured it was my fault the whole thing occurred anyway; the first cartoon of the day was Mark Trail, all about bird feathers and molting. It was bound to happen in this life imitates art, art imitates life world that I live in. I played with my blog design half the morning, (so if you visited earlier I apologize for the strange things you may have seen) finally deciding on one design. It may not seem real Cosmic or Bubbly but on some level it works. I was up half the night, and when I went to bed the beau got up, so not much sleeping was done around here.  No doubt, another reason for feathers on the loose.

I am having a slow day, a third of the comics browsed, I am already behind. Clocks going forward, my coffee is a half caffeine/no caffeine mix, which isn’t setting well with my reflux. There was no church this morning, but we’ll have service tonight. The snow is blindingly bright outside and after my u.v.vision yesterday, I may be a little more sensitive today. I have the curtain drawn to avoid too much reflection.

While on the subject of flummoxing, have you heard the old Scottish tale The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies? It’s been a while, but just thinking of flummoxing brings that story/teller to mind. I saw Heather Forest at the Jonesborough Storytelling Festival in Tennessee years ago. They tell great stories. They’ve been telling stories there for over 35 years.

Enough rambling, I still have cartoons/comics to browse, collages to paste, and anagrams to do. There aren’t enough hours in the day. It may have to wait ’cause there are also dishes, dressing and church to attend before I get back to that.


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